META Earnings Call - Full Breakdown

Morgan Stanley refuses to like AI, WhatsApp about to be a huge deal

Ahoy Metamates! 🚢 🏴‍☠️

What a week! I started this newsletter because I felt Meta wasn't getting fair analyst coverage and employees were caught in the middle of analysts and their RSUs. I'm happy to see the tide starting to turn -

Also, I'm loving that you are are starting to learn who the META analysts are. It made my entire week to get this from a reader! Should I make them?

Eric for Everything 2024 - President, Senate, King of Universe. #ericispapi

Earnings Call Full Breakdown : Analysts Flip Flop

Brian Nowak at MS may be a little sea sick having to walk back his projections since last quarter

Major LULZ this week as every analyst who dunked on Meta is now flip-flopping. This sh*t reads like comedy at this point - are we finally ready to name and shame? Oh yes, yes we are. My favorite part of writing this is shedding light on where the equity research industry can be more mindful of the tech they're reporting on.

This will be a super fun issue! 

Let's unpack the numbers and narrative this quarter:

  • 📈 📈📈Stock price targets from Goldman, Morgan, JPM and others

  • Name and shame - which analyst feels the most sorry?

  • Play by play - why analysts asked what they did in the follow up call

  • What I'm looking for for Meta to cross $300 again

  • Meta's new narrative - key themes from Earnings unpacked

  • Why I miss Sheryl Sandberg

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