Earnings Breakdown + Mark v Elon Fight

Ahoy Metamates! 🚢 🏴‍☠️

Mark vs Elon - The Weirdness Intensifies

There’s no shortage of people who want to punch Elon and it seems like all of them will be sorely disappointed because the change of this fight happening is not looking great.

What you missed:

  • Mark is eating 4k calories worth of McDonals to train ( gross af)

  • Priscilla’s lawn was ruined and replaced with a fight octagon

  • Elon needs neck surgery so yeah… fight’s not happening

But on the bright side, I hopefully never have to write about Mark being shirtless again. A thought that brings me great relief.

Earnings Call Breakdown: Cloudy With a Chance of Volatility

Top stock analysts are usually near consensus - but not this time. There is a massive gap of opinion between folks with similar track records, leaving Meta stockholders somewhat perplexed.

In this subscriber-only issue:

  • Why Goldman Sachs is lukewarm on Meta

  • A relatively obscure analyst takes top spot at predicting META stock

  • Stock price projections from JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and others.

  • Key themes from the earnings call

  • Perils of selling past vests right now as a Meta employee

  • Institutional holder moves

  • Key risks for the stock heading into the second part of the year

  • Did you know Meta’s layoffs actually COST over $1B?

Paid subscribers only beyond this point. Thanks for supporting my work!

Erik Sheridan is Skeptical of Quest

Goldman Sachs has carried the torch for Meta - so when its key analyst is rating the stock nearly $100 lower than peers, something’s up. In fact, I delayed this issue by a bit to investigate.

What you should know:

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